Alaba Traders Lament High Level Of Extortion By Ojo Council Workers

Alaba Traders Lament High Level Of Extortion By Ojo Council Workers

Traders at Alaba International Market, Ojo Lagos State have appealed to the governor of Lagos State,
Babajide Sanwo-Olu to come to their aid over the menace of Ojo local government workers.

According to them, all that the workers in the council are doing is extorting traders and customers going
in and out of the market under different disguises.

They said that the attitude of the council workers is negatively affecting business transactions in the

The traders said that truck drivers pay an upward of N50.000 to different sets of council workers from
Volkswagen Bus stop to Alaba international market.

According to them, even customers who come to the market to buy electronics equipment are also
extorted on their way out of the market, adding that such has been making them to be losing valuable
customers as a lot of them no longer come back.

A dealer in the market, Chinedu Okonkwo said that doing business in Alaba is increasingly becoming
frustrating because of the activities of the council workers.

According to him, customers are no longer coming to the market because of the way they are being
harassed by the workers in the local government area.

He said that the council workers have constituted different taskforces to be extorting traders and

According to him,one of the taskforces is one that is allegedly collecting revenue for Oba of Ojo.

His words,“To bring containers to Alaba market now, you have to pay through your nose because of the
council workers who lined themselves along the road that is coming into the market. Once they see any
container coming into Alaba, they will block the only road until the driver give them money.

They don’t even mind that they are obstructing free flow of traffic. That is the main reason why traffic does not move freely along Alaba road. I am calling on Governor Sanwo-Olu to come to our aid.

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