I’m Going On Men Hunting – Eniola Badmus

I'm Going On Men Hunting - Eniola Badmus

Nigerian actress, Eniola Badmus has taken to social media to lament bitterly on the over-sized dress they gave her on a movie set.

Eniola Badmus is among the entertainers who didn’t allow their size to define their value to society and
constantly she crack jokes regarding her size.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a video complaining to the cast and crew that everybody thinks she is the fattest being in the world as she displayed the loose-fitting dress she was given as costume for the filming.

Speaking further, she confronted the costumier to change her dress as she is not comfortable in it even after adjusting the dress to make it fit, it still looks clumsy.

The Nollywood actress sparked outrage with her hilarious makeup as she brags to snatch people’s
daddies on social media.

In a post shared, the actress painted her face with white powder and a black substance to draw
imaginary lines on her face and used it to darken her lips as well.

Following the transformation on her face, Eniola Badmus declared she is every man’s dream and people should watch out for their fathers as she is going to snatch them away.

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