Irukkanews Exclusive: Okada Riders Kill Police Officer In Lagos, Made Away With Gun

Irukkanews Exclusive: Okada Riders Kills Police Officer In Lagos, Made Away Win Gun

One Police officer lost his life to Okada riders as team of a combined of LASTMA officers and armed Police men came to seize motocycles from the riders at Ajoa Junction bus-stop Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road Lagos.

According to an irukkanews reporter who witnessed the incident, the LASTMA Officers had seized about ten motorcycles from the riders who are mostly from the northern part of the country.

After they had seized the motorcycles and put them in their mini trucks,the okada riders wanted to
resist and in the process the police men began to shoot sporadically in the air to scare them away .

However, the okada men kept on resisting and the police men jumped into their Hilux vehicle and ran away, leaving one of their colleagues behind.

The okada riders attacked the left behind police man,took his gun from him and then used a big iron to break his head and he collapsed and died

At the time of filing this report, the body of the dead police man is still lying between Ibis Royale Hotel and Joygate hotel at the Ajao junction bus stop while the okada rides have run away with the gun they collected from the police man.

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