The Ungrateful Prince: New Children’s Book Hits Market

The Ungrateful Prince: New Children’s Book Hits Market

A new book titled The Ungrateful Prince and written by three siblings, Michael, Chidinma and Chiamaka Anosike, students of Laureatefield Schools, Montessori, Nursery, Primary and College, Olusesi Street, Onireke ,Off Ojo Military Barracks, Ojo Lagos, is now selling fast in the market.

The book teaches the negative effect of ungratefulness and the positive power of always practicing gratitude.

Speaking further on the book, Michael Anosike, the eldest of the siblings said that even though times are
hard, people should always try to be positive. Anosike, who is 12 years and in Junior Secondary School three (JSS3), said that being positive or practicing gratitude is one of the keys to success in life.

According to him, in the school, they were taught five magic words which are supposed to help people
to always remain positive.

However, he said that a lot of people are not putting the words into practice, the more reason why anger, bitterness and hatred are now ruling the world.

The child author appealed to parents and teachers to as much as possible try to raise their children with love and care.

His words,“ even as children we know that things are difficult, but it should not make people to lose their soul.

Parents and teachers should try as much as possible to be raising their children with love and care. They must not be transferring the frustrations in the world to the children. If children are raised well, the future would be much better than it is now.”

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